Grill badge by Dany Visentin

The manufacture BLANCHIMONT continues to combine the automotive world with art and design with a new realization: a grill badge - for your car - which is also an artwork.

Ferrari F512 M Art Car

Presented in October 1994 at the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris, and produced only at 501 copies, the Ferrari F512 M is the ultimate evolution of the Ferrari Testarossa. In other words, a true car myth of the ‘90s. Responding to the specific request of one of its customers, the manufacture BLANCHIMONT has teamed up with the renowned artist Peter Klasen, to make a copy of this Ferrari F512 M even more desirable and unique, turning it into an Art Car. An Art Car is a vehicle whose appearance has been modified in an artistic approach, so it’s a car and a work of art. Or rather than an addition, a fusion of car and work of art...

Peter Klassen Art Helmet

The first project of the manufacture BLANCHIMONT is based on the creation of a limited to 24 items series of art helmets for racing drivers or any art lover. Each helmet is numbered, signed by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. To ensure the conformity of its helmets, the manufacture BLANCHIMONT contacted the world leader of custom equipment for racing drivers, Stand21, to have one of the best helmet models on the market: IVOS full carbon helmet (optional FIA8860-2010 or FIA 8859-2015 certification), compatible with the HANS® head restraint.